New Product alert!: Ash Creek Hazelnuts

Hello all! Today we are starting a new series of blog post to talk with our customers about new products that we are beginning to carry, as well as some of our classics. For each post, we will pick a new product and dive deep into why we chose to carry it, what makes it so special and where it comes from. Stay tuned in for all of the interesting products we choose to put in our gift baskets!

For todays post, we are going to talk about Ash Creek Hazelnuts! Ash Creek hazelnuts are sustainably sourced from Ash Creek farm in Monmouth Oregon, a small town in Northwest OR. This family farm was settled originally in the 1800's as a sheep farm, hosting many species of black walnut, red alder and all the wildlife imaginable. This little slice of paradise is centered around its beating heart, the rushing waters of Ash Creek. Through the years, the family has established a strong and vigorous orchard of Hazelnut Trees, naturally raised and produced, all given life by Ash Creek. The Family farm has seen many changes that have led to the wonderful production of hazelnuts, but wow are we glad we found them. This local gem has now become something that all can enjoy, and here at Sugarbush we are so excited to be packing them in our gourmet gift baskets! It's always exciting to work with a company that believes in doing the right thing, practicing sustainable agricultural practices, putting the earth first and profits later. Using water conserving practices, no-till agriculture, land conservation and many other things.  How cool is this?!

Ash Creek reached out to us here at Sugarbush, sent us a sample and we immediately fell in love with the company! What a tremendous product, great story and even better taste! These truly are the best hazelnuts we have had over the years which is why we are so excited to tell you about them!  The hazelnuts come in 3 different varieties, Roasted, Milk Chocolate covered and dark chocolate covered. The hazelnuts can be ordered on our website, over the phone or in our retail store inside the Worthington mall. The packaging is truly a work of art on its own, making it perfect to include in our gourmet gift baskets. Order a Gift basket today with Ash Creek Hazelnuts, your reciver will surely love them!