Corporate Gifting Assists Human Resources Departments

Corporate Gifting Assists Employee Retention and Talent Acquisition

Corporate gifting can play a key role in helping your organization attract and engage great employees and retain
existing talent.

Now more than ever, Human Resources leaders are playing defense when it comes to keeping valuable employees in the fold while playing offense when it comes to filling key vacancies with highly desirable top talent. That means every additional tool Human Resources has at its disposal to differentiate your company will help them help you get—and keep—the great people you need to drive your business forward.

Corporate Gifting and Employee Retention

An organization that recognizes employee achievements and milestones through acts of kindness is more likely to retain its employees than those that are numbers focused only. Companies that recognize the value of their employee contributions, and honor the person, are highly regarded as desirable places to work, and to stay.Certainly, other factors weigh in with respect to retention: career paths, promotion opportunities, compensation, benefits.All companies offer these options.

Corporate gifting is a differentiating factor.Employee achievements can be recognized with a gift basket that announces to the whole company its regard for its employees. Work milestones such as anniversaries, quota busting, above and beyond results, promotions, and certifications, can and should be rewarded, and a personalized gift such as a corporate gift basket acknowledges the events as both professional and personal accomplishments.

Employee personal milestones can be recognized as well. Birthdays, additions to the family, anniversaries, and other life events should be celebrated by the company. Such recognition, however modest, sends a strong signal that your company cares for its employees and in that way assists you in your retention efforts.

Corporate Gifting and Talent Acquisition

The struggle to recruit top talent is increasingly difficult in the post-pandemic economy. New packages to attract talent increasingly include remote work options, unlimited paid leave, and family leave. These benefits packages are all promises of a bright future if the recruit accepts the offer.

Corporate gifting allows you to deliver a tangible benefit to the new employee immediately, making an impact at the time of decision rather than making the new recruit wait to experience the fulfillment of promises they won’t experience until
much later.

Sending a prospective employee a gift basket when making the offer demonstrates your firm’s values, and emphasizes its strong desire to bring them onboard.Especially if the candidate is being courted by more than one firm, your efforts to provide a personal touch during this professional process, will undoubtedly set you apart.

Sugarbush Corporate Gifting

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