Corporate Gifting Builds Customer Relationships

Corporate Gifting Builds Customer Relationships

Corporate gifting should be an option in every salesperson’s bag. Sales is under pressure to perform in increasingly competitive markets and under unusual circumstances in a post-pandemic world. The ability to strategically send thoughtful gifts can help your sales team more effectively differentiate your organization with prospects as well as to build and nurture personal connections with existing customers.

Corporate Gifting and Current Customers

Corporate gifting can help keep your current customers “current,” making it harder for your competition to gain the opportunity to lure them away from you.The best sales teams invest time and resources to build personal relationships with their customers and those relationships and the goodwill that goes with them are then built with your company by extension.

Ways to use corporate gifting strategically include sending gift baskets at major holidays, as a thank you.They also work well following the close of an important deal. Other opportunities include sending a gift in recognition of a customer’s personal milestones (promotion, birthday, etc.). Finally, sending a thank you gift basket to customers who offer referrals, testimonials, speaking engagements, and other activities on behalf of the organization, go a long way in conveying your company’s appreciation and high regard for them.

Corporate Gifting and Customer Acquisition

Corporate gifting can assist your sales team in their efforts to gain new customers. The competition is fierce, and salespeople need all the tools in their bag possible to set them apart in and post-pandemic environment where face-to-face meetings are fewer and those few that do occur, slower to gain traction.

Some words of caution: Corporate gifts should never be positioned as an exchange for the sale lest they be perceived as a kickback or bribe.

One place where a corporate gift can be helpful is in sales with a long cycle.Sending a corporate gift during a pause in negotiations can help keep the deal fresh in a prospective customer’s mind and reinforce your organization’s interest.

Long standing contacts who have moved to a new position at a prospective company are another target for corporate gifting in this area.A congratulatory gift on a new position from an old contact is always appropriate.

Tasteful and ethical corporate gifting to retain existing customers and attract new customers can help your sales team to achieve your aggressive sales goals more readily.

Sugarbush Corporate Gifting

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