Gift Baskets for Tailgating

Gift Baskets for America’s Great Pastime – Tailgating

Here we go, Columbus – September is less than two weeks away, and all local sports fans are anticipating another exciting season of Ohio State football.With big home games this season, including the opener against Notre Dame and the traditional regular season closer versus Michigan, tailgating will once again reign supreme in this part of the country.

As the host of a tailgate, you control all of the logistics.However, if you are an invited guest, you might wonder what you can bring as a way of saying thank you.Contributing to the fun and the food of a tailgate will be appreciated by host and guests alike.

Suggestions for gift basket contents

Make the basket relevant to the game or the team

For Buckeye fans, local foods like Anthony Thomas Buckeyes are always appreciated, as well as local house brands like Sugarbush caramel corn and ranch mix.Make sure the basket includes game or team relevant merchandising or food choices.

Inquire with the host about serving alcohol

Some gift baskets include beer or wine as an option. Alcohol seems like a natural addition to any tailgate event, but you may want to check with your host first.Some events prohibit the serving of alcohol, and others may not serve it as a health or lifestyle choice.Your host can provide the guidelines necessary to make your basket a hit with the crowd.

Be cognizant of the game day weather

Weather conditions on game day will also be a factor in deciding upon gift basket contents.An unusually hot day can turn chocolates into a messy pool of goo.No one needs a beer when the weather is below freezing.Select a gift basket containing foods likely to be enjoyed by the party given the day’s weather.

Women and children first!

Tailgates draw a diverse range of guests, including women and children.Be certain that your gift basket caters to all of your guests, not just one contingent.

Sugarbush and tailgating

Sugarbush Gourmet Gift Baskets has been a staple of Ohio tailgating for over 40 years.The Buckeye Bucket is one of our most popular baskets and is always appropriate for tailgating.If you have a specific idea for a custom tailgate package, please contact us for assistance.Sugarbush is committed to making your tailgate experience great.