New Product development:

Andy McCauley 10-31-22

Since our founding in 1981, the Sugarbush family has been has always been searching for the next hottest food item to bring to you. This is an ongoing project and will remain an ongoing project for the years to come. We are excited to announce many new items, baskets and gifts that will be available for you to make someone’s day.

When looking at new products, we analyze all aspects of the product. The packaging, fulfilled need, the size, the weight, shape, availability, cost and most importantly taste! We strive to make sure that every product that’s in our gifts tastes excellent to us as well as to you. Over the course of 40 years, we have carried many different products, seen them come and go and sometimes return. One product in particular that we have carried since day 1 is the Walkers Shortbread. Walkers shortbread is a product of Scotland, boasting a beautiful signature red Scottish plaid packaging. Their butter short bread cookies are absolutely to die for. They are packaged in all different shapes and sizes and flavors making them very versatile and a customer favorite. If you haven’t had walkers shortbread, stop in our retail store in Worthington and mention this blog and receive and free delicious package.

This year, we are bringing back an old favorite cracker line. Mariner crackers are a part of the Venus wafer brands based out of New England. These crackers feature a beautiful package, perfect shape & size and most importantly an outstanding taste. Check them out in our UNIQUE TREATS, SWEETS, TREATS AND MEATS and countless other Sugarbush Classics.