Offering the Gift of Comfort

Offering the Gift of Comfort to Those Who Have Lost a Loved One

Someone close to you has just lost a loved one. What do you say? How can you offer sympathy without being intrusive? What show of support is meaningful to someone at this sad time?

First and foremost – respect the wishes of the immediate family.If they are requesting a donation to a relevant cause in place of flowers, abide by their wishes.Give according to your means; each contribution shows the family that you are thinking of them.

If no guidelines or requests are available, think of the specific situation the grieving family is in and then place yourself in their shoes.What comfort or help would you want at this time, and is that appropriate in this instance?Following your heart will provide truer aim for your intent than pure reasoning.

Certainly, a gift basket is a common way of expressing condolences; however, there are some do’s and don’t you may wish to consider:

  • Avoid baskets with alcohol
    • Alcohol may be interpreted as part of a festive time and be considered inappropriate
    • Let the family decide to have a wake with alcohol
  • Do send baskets with a wide mix of snacks
    • Some will enjoy the comfort of sweet and savory snacks while others will appreciate healthier offerings
  • Baskets with self-care items like teas can offer relief from the emotional turbulence experienced
  • Avoid baskets with snacks that require preparation
    • Would you want to be grieving and in the kitchen?Likely not.
    • Baskets should not require any preparation and be ready to serve as delivered
  • Do not send the basket to the funeral home or service
    • Send the basket directly to the home of the recipient
  • Do not send a basket to a person’s place of work.
    • Taking the extra step of delivering the basket to someone’s home address will be appreciated and invite fewer questions from prying colleagues

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