Supporting Your College Student Away From Home

Tips to Support Your College Student Away From Home

Parents of college freshman are faced with the challenge of supporting their student who is oftentimes away from home for an extended period for the first time. How much and what kind of support can you offer your child at this time without seeming overly intrusive? Your child seeks the freedom and independence that this experience offers, yet is often homesick, especially in the first months away from home.

The problems you face are not uncommon, and every parent eventually finds the right balance. Here are some suggested tips at this critical time.

Stay Connected

Support your student by staying connected. Periodic, mutually agreed upon, contact provides a baseline of security without being overly intrusive. Snacks and gift baskets to feed a late night hunger attack show concern and interest without prying.Your student will not respond to all of your contacts, avoid recriminations that lead to resentment.

Be Knowledgeable About Campus Resources

Campus resources, including the university calendar and website, provide specific sections for parents of new and current students. Your ability to offer wise counsel for a university-based situation will be much more effective if it utilizes the support resources available on campus.Mark your calendar and note university events where extra support from you can be particularly appreciated. Finals and mid-terms are especially anxiety inducing. A snack basket at these crucial times is an excellent way of saying “I love you” without causing distraction or additional anxiety.

Continue to Have Difficult Conversations

As a parent of a college student, you no longer have the same control that you once had. While you cannot force your student to behave exactly as you would want them to, parents can share their values and beliefs with their students on potential at-risk behaviors. Studies show that parents influence their child’s behavior regarding drugs, alcohol, and risky sexual behavior even after their child leaves for college. Create an atmosphere of open communication, and your student will not only appreciate that you respect them, but also will they continue to listen to your guidance.

Trust Your Student

College is also a time for students to discover who they are. This is hard enough without being second-guessed by the people whose opinions you respect most.

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