Buckeyes Bowl Bound?

Buckeye fans across the nation were certainly disappointed in the outcome of The Game this year. For the first time in several years, our Buckeyes are not in the Big10 Championship Game, nor are they in line for the College Football Playoff. There is no doubt we are bowl bound – the question is where?

As strange, uncomfortable, and irritating as this seems, I find myself tempted to root for Michigan over Iowa in this weekend’s league championship. “Treason! Heresy! He’s a witch!” Hang on – before you burn me at the stake, I think a Michigan win will put the Buckeyes in a better bowl and a fan-interesting game.

If Michigan loses to Iowa, they will drop out of the CFP, likely being replaced by Notre Dame (!). Iowa, as Big 10 champ, or Michigan (if politics is in play) will go to the Rose Bowl and the Bucks go to – well does anyone really care at that point?

If Michigan wins, they go to the CFP. Iowa, with three losses, will be bypassed by the Rose Bowl selection committee in favor of the Buckeyes, in my opinion. Their opponent? Oregon! A rematch that gives the team, its fan base, and the national television audience something interesting and well matched to watch. Motivation to avenge the early season defeat will be strong.

So, with the Big10 championship on the line this weekend, dare I say it?

Go Blue?