Corporate Gifting Serves Tactical Marketing

Corporate Gifting Serves Tactical Marketing and Communications

Corporate gifting is a unique and valuable element of any marketing and communication tactics toolbox, helping to establish and/or nurture your company’s relationships with customers, vendors, and investors. Corporate gifts provide your organization with the ability to deliver high impact, personally resonant messaging to people who have helped you achieve your goals. Gifts do not have to be lavish – in this case, it truly is the thought that counts.

Corporate Gifting and Tactical Marketing

Here’s are just a few ways marketing can employ corporate gifting, especially gift baskets, in its formal tactical programs:

  • Customer service: Company errors can be acknowledged with an impact gift as an apology
  • Field sales programs: Gift baskets are sent to salespeople and their customers for sales of a predetermined level
  • Customer loyalty programs: Customers reaching predetermined sales volumes or closed deals are sent gift baskets
  • Vendor appreciation: Gift baskets sent by product managers help build relationships with vendors
  • Holiday gifting: Gift baskets are ideal for a holiday gifting program to customers, vendors, and employees

Gift baskets should be completely customizable to meet your needs and you should be able to add corporate logos and other brand elements such as color, etc., to enhance your marketing impact.

Corporate Gifting and Marketing Communications

Marketing Communications can use corporate gifting as an effective tactic as well.

  • Media relations: Gift baskets used as a thank you for media coverage are well received
  • Investor relations: Profitability and growth are key to investor satisfaction but gift baskets are a tangible means of thanking them for their support
  • VIP relations: Influencers, speakers, spokespeople, and others outside the organization who work on its behalf are excellent candidates to receive a corporate gift.A gift basket customized to their personal tastes is perfect for this situation.

Corporate gift baskets add a memorable, personal touch to what otherwise might be a forgettable business exchange and so should be an essential element of any marketing communications strategy.

Sugarbush Corporate Gifting

Sugarbush is experienced in creating tasteful, appreciated, and delicious gifts that satisfy the most discriminating palette. We are focused on delighting your recipients so that they are delighted with you. Corporate gifts come in all different sizes and price points depending upon the situation and your budget. Contact us today to discuss your needs and we will customize a basket to exceed your expectations and meet your budget.